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Kathleen Edwards: Asking for Flowers

“You get the dough, I get the glory” Kathleen Edwards sings on her new album, Asking for Flowers-but, based on how far she’s come since her first couple of albums, it seems like it’s high time she started getting more dough ... more »

By Janet • July 12, 2008
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Lindsey Buckingham: Gift of Screws

Not many artists deserve comparison to Brian Wilson, but, if ever there was one, surely it’s Lindsey Buckingham. Both mean, after all, as undisputed pop geniuses, channeling their own eccentricities and tortured madness into wonderfully melodic, accessible, and creative music. And, of course, both men eventually succumbed to the pressures of their ... more »

By Janet • September 17, 2008
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Los Campesinos!: Hold On Now, Youngster…

Spilling one’s guts in a LiveJournal entry, compiling a year-end list of favorite albums, comparing favorite characters from The Breakfast Club– these may be typical pastimes for certain sects of indie rock listeners, but they are not, as a general ... more »

By Janet • July 12, 2008
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Los Lonely Boys Deliver “Christmas Spirit”

It has become patently obvious that San Angelo, Texas' Los Lonely Boys have arrived at their true mainstream place in the musical order when they can release a Christmas album on Sony. And what's not to like? Everything the brothers Garza play is infected with ... more »

By Terry • November 14, 2008
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Los Lonely Boys Rock Knoxville

The historic Bijou Theater in Knoxville, Tennessee was nearly full when opening trio Dave Barnes took the stage right on time at 8:00 p.m. The crowd responded enthusiastically as Barnes launched into "Crazyboutya," a song that forced the people there to move. Barnes, who just ... more »

By Terry • September 18, 2008
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Maria McKee: Late December

Maria McKee is one of a kind, but that’s really not giving her enough credit. Not only is she an artist like no other, but each of her albums is a Maria McKee album like no other. Her fans have long given up trying to predict where she’s going next; indeed, when the broadly theatrical High Dive ... more »

By Janet • June 28, 2008
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Matchbox Twenty: Exile on Mainstream

Nobody ever won any indie cred or hipster points for liking– or even talking about– Matchbox Twenty, but say this about them: They know how to write a monster hook with enough heft to get a whole arena to sing along, and, in the wake of Gwen Stefani selling out to the man, they just might ... more »

By Janet • June 28, 2008
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Matt Wertz: Under Summer Sun

A hundred years from now, anyone who stumbles across the fourth full-length album from singer/songwriter Matt Wertz, "Under Summer Sun," may feel as if they knew Matt personally. Wertz injects a lot of himself into these 12 soulful, carefree acoustic-rock tracks, revealing generous glimpses of his journey as he works through issues of love, loss ... more »

By Terry • September 21, 2008
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My Morning Jacket: Evil Urges

With Evil Urges, My Morning Jacket seems poised to light the blog-o-sphere on fire—in fact, they caused a fair amount of commotion simply by unveiling the bizarre album artwork, to say nothing of the first single. But say what you will about the band or their new album, one thing is undeniable: there is absolutely nothing about Evil Urges that ... more »

By Janet • June 24, 2008
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Needtobreathe Shines On

All too often rock concerts in big cities are booked in dark bars or nightclubs.  That’s where we found ourselves at Nashville’s Exit/In.  Even though a multitude of famous artists and bands have passed through there, the recently sold out Needtobreathe concert deserved more.  This is not a review of the Exit/In but considering how impressive Needtobreathe’s performance was, it’s worth mentioning. ... more »

By Janet • September 30, 2008
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