Favorite Guitarists!

Lindsey Buckingham
Before he joined Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham was sketching out his brand of Brian Wilson-influenced pop with Stevie Nicks in the folky duo Buckingham Nicks. Mick ... more »
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Mark Knopfler
Mark Knopfler is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and bandleader. His group, Dire Straits, was formed in London in 1977 and went ... more »
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Jeff Beck
While he was as innovative as Jimmy Page, as tasteful as Eric Clapton, and nearly as visionary as Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck never ... more »
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Angus Young
Most rock fans would agree that AC/DC guitarist Angus Young is one of the genre's most energetic and entertaining performers. It's impossible to imagine an AC/DC show without Young bobbing his ... more »
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As the lead guitarist for Guns N' Roses, Slash established himself as one of hard rock's finest and most soulful soloists during the late '80s, technically adept yet always firmly grounded ... more »
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Jimmy Page
Unquestionably one of the all-time most influential, important, and versatile guitarists and songwriters in rock history is Jimmy Page. Just about every rock guitarist from the late '60s/early '70s to the present day ... more »
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Eddie Van Halen
Second to only Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen was undoubtedly one of the most influential, original, and talented rock guitarists of the 20th century. Born Edward Lodewijk Van Halen on January 26, 1955, ... more »
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Santana is the primary exponent of Latin-tinged rock, particularly due to its combination of Latin percussion (congas, timbales, etc.) with bandleader Carlos Santana's distinctive, high-pitched ... more »
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Jimi Hendrix
In his brief four-year reign as a superstar, Jimi Hendrix expanded the vocabulary of the electric rock guitar more than anyone before or since. Hendrix was a master at coaxing all manner of unforeseen sonics ... more »
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Eric Clapton
By the time Eric Clapton launched his solo career with the release of his self-titled debut album in mid-1970, he was long established as one ... more »
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