Born Leslie Feist in Amherst, Nova Scotia, singer/songwriter Feist goes by her surname when it comes to making music for a living. The songstress relocated to Calgary at a young age and got her start ... more »
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Nelly Furtado
Singer/songwriter Nelly Furtado heavily credits her ethnic background and childhood for spawning her creativity as a female and as an inspiring musician. Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Furtado's working-class parents, who are ... more »
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Tom Cochrane
Juno Award winner Tom Cochrane first caught the public's attention in the '80s when he was the lead singer of the popular Canadian rock group Red Rider. Other early members were guitarist Ken Greer, drummer ... more »
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Over the course of their decades-spanning career, the Canadian power trio Rush emerged as one of hard rock's most highly regarded bands; although typically brushed aside by critics and although rare recipients ... more »
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Sum 41
Sum 41 hit worldwide radar in 1996 after tiny Ajax, Ontario, proved unable to fully contain the foursome's blathering mixture of punk-pop riffing, hip-hop poses, and toilet-bowl humor. Led by guitarist/vocalist ... more »
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Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne first appeared in summer 2002, touting an addictive debut single (the spunky pop/rock gem "Complicated") and a skatepunk image that purposely clashed with the polished glamour of mainstream pop. Lavigne, who was 17 ... more »
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The Guess Who
While the Guess Who did have several hits in America, they were superstars in their home country of Canada during the 1960s and early '70s. The band grew out of vocalist/guitarist Chad Allan (born Allan ... more »
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Canada's Nickelback started life as a cover band in Hanna, 215 kilometers northeast of Calgary. Eventually, they tired of playing other people's songs, and singer/guitarist Chad Kroeger put together a collection of original songs, borrowed ... more »
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Bryan Adams
From the mid-'80s to the mid-'90s, Canadian singer/songwriter and guitarist Bryan Adams was one of the most successful recording artists in popular music worldwide. Usually dressed in blue jeans, sneakers, and white T-shirts, the energetic performer ... more »
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Barenaked Ladies
By combining humor, songcraft, and an eclectic mix of folk and pop/rock, the Barenaked Ladies enjoyed considerable popularity in their native Canada before rising to ... more »
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