James Jagger
Born August 30, 1986 Parents - Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall - James Leroy Augustine Jagger attended the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York. As a ... more »
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Elizabeth Scarlett Jagger
Born March 2, 1984 Parents - Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall Elizabeth, known as Lizzie, first appeared on the fashion runway in 1998, when she modeled alongside ... more »
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Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence
Born 1996 Parents - Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates
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The Yardbirds
The Yardbirds are mostly known to the casual rock fan as the starting point for three of the greatest British rock guitarists: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page. Undoubtedly, these three figures did much ... more »
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The Wallflowers
As part of the mid-'90s revival of roots-rock, the Wallflowers held a special connection to one of the original inspirations: vocalist/songwriter/guitarist Jakob Dylan. Though he is the son of a legend, Jakob's ... more »
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Wyatt Crow
Born April 29, 2007 Parent - Sheryl Crow
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Sonora Rose Cooper
Born 1993 Parents - Alice Cooper and Sheryl
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Dashiell “Dash” Cooper
Born June 20, 1985 Parents - Alice Cooper and Sheryl Dash is an Arizona State University student and plays in a band called Runaway Phoenix. Runaway Phoenix ... more »
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Bon Jovi
Few bands embodied the era of pop-metal like Bon Jovi. By merging Def Leppard's loud but tuneful metal with Bruce Springsteen's working-class sensibilities, the New Jersey-based quintet developed an ... more »
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Melissa Etheridge
Melissa Etheridge became one of the most popular recording artists of the '90s due to her mixture of confessional lyrics, pop-based folk-rock, and raspy, Janis Joplin/Rod Stewart-esque vocals. But ... more »
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