My Chemical Romance
Based in New Jersey, My Chemical Romance is an alternative pop/rock and punk-pop band that has been compared to Thursday and, to a lesser degree, Cursive. Their name was inspired by author Irvine Welsh (of ... more »
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My Morning Jacket
Although they first emerged in 1998 as devotees of Neil Young's country-tinged classic rock, My Morning Jacket steadily widened their sound throughout the following decade, embracing everything from neo-psychedelia and Americana to ... more »
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The Traveling Wilburys
Reversing the usual process by which groups break up and give way to solo careers, the Traveling Wilburys are a group made up of solo stars. The group was organized by former ... more »
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Eric Clapton and Melia McEnery
On New Year's day 2002, Eric Clapton quietly married Melia McEnery at St. Mary Magdalen Church in the town of Ripley in Surrey, England. Melia McEnery, who at the time of ... more »
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Muse's fusion of progressive rock, electronica, and Radiohead-influenced experimentation is crafted by guitarist/vocalist Matthew Bellamy, bassist Chris Wolstenholme, and drummer Dominic Howard. Bored by the sleepy life provided by their hometown of Teignmouth, ... more »
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Will Hoge
With his muscular, straightforward American rock, Nashville artist Will Hoge has garnered frequent comparisons to such heartland giants as Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. The singer/songwriter was raised in ... more »
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The Decemberists
Led by Colin Meloy, the Decemberists are a five-piece outfit whose pop sound has been compared to the likes of Neutral Milk Hotel and Belle & Sebastian. Meloy, who hails from Missoula, MT, is the ... more »
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Jethro Tull
Jethro Tull was a unique phenomenon in popular music history. Their mix of hard rock; folk melodies; blues licks; surreal, impossibly dense lyrics; and overall profundity defied easy analysis, but that didn't dissuade fans from ... more »
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BarrelHouse formed in Knoxville, Tennessee in the Summer of 2005. After an exhaustive search Guitarist Ted Lowe found some of Knoxville's finest musicians to play ... more »
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Carole King
While the landmark album Tapestry earned her superstar status, singer/songwriter Carole King had already firmly established herself as one of pop music's most gifted and successful composers, with work recorded by everyone from ... more »
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