Edwin McCain
A rootsy singer/songwriter with ties to jazz and soul as well, Edwin McCain hails from Charleston, SC, and it was with the support of native sons Hootie & the Blowfish that McCain signed with Atlantic ... more »
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The Chicago band OK Go combined off-kilter guitars, Pixies/Cars fetishism, and straightforward power pop sensibilities to produce eccentric, catchy songs. Consisting of vocalist/guitarist Damian Kulash, guitarist Andrew Duncan, bassist Tim Nordwind, and drummer Dan Konopka, ... more »
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TV on the Radio: Return to Cookie Mountain
Look, I’m sure that Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly are very good at what they do—they must be doing ... more »
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TV on the Radio
The Brooklyn-based group TV on the Radio mixes post-punk, electronic, and other atmoshperic elements in such a creative way that it only makes sense that its core duo, vocalist Tunde Adebimpe and multi-instrumentalist/producer David Andrew ... more »
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The 88
The 88 are a pop band from southern California that blends British Invasion melodies with a subtle but potent instrumental approach that recalls ... more »
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The Broken West
The Broken West hail from Los Angeles, which certainly makes sense when you listen to their music -- at their best, they blend glorious pop with high-spirited rock & roll and accents of folk and ... more »
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Wilco rose from the ashes of the seminal roots rockers Uncle Tupelo, who disbanded in 1994. While Jay Farrar, one of the group's two singer/songwriters, went on to form the band Son Volt, his ex-partner ... more »
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Rocklopedia Talks With Matt Wertz
Matt Wertz spent a little time with us before opening for O.A.R. in Knoxville.  It's an understatement to say ... more »
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Dave Barnes
Born in South Carolina, singer, songwriter, and guitarist Dave Barnes grew up in Mississippi, where he was initially attracted to hip-op but was also exposed to classic soul, blues, and R&B by his parents. While ... more »
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Lindsey Buckingham: Gift of Screws
Not many artists deserve comparison to Brian Wilson, but, if ever there was one, surely it’s Lindsey ... more »
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