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Posted by Janet | June 11, 2009

New York, NY – June 10th -

“Things are done a little askew [in the Toadies],” says singer Vaden Todd Lewis, searching for the right words. “There’s toadies press mayojust something wrong with it that’s just really cool… and unique in a slightly uncomfortable. way.” Maybe that helps to explain why, after being in existence for 10 plus years the band is just now making their first trip to the UK and releasing a limited edition EP – MADE IN TEXAS. The EP combines tracks from bands previous three releases – “No Deliverance” and “Hell In High Water” (from the No Deliverance album), “Plane Crash” and “Little Sin (Hell Below, Stars Above)”, “Possum Kingdom” and “Tyler” (Rubberneck), and is the perfect showcase for the bands Southern-tinged rock – infusing driving rhythms, powerful vocals and unique melodies. The EP will precede the full UK release of the No Deliverance album in the UK.

About the tour, Toadies drummer Mark Reznicek says “I’m excited to be going to the UK because I’ve never been over there. As a big fan of British music (Beatles, Bowie, Stones, etc.), it’s especially exciting to be going to the land where all that great music and history came from.”

After returning from the UK, Toadies will embark on a quick run to the West Coast playing shows in LA, San Fran, San Diego, Vegas and more.

Toadies will wind up the summer by playing the second Dia De Los Toadies, their annual concert hosted by the band at a remote location of their choosing. It’s sort of a big ol’ Texas picnic with the Toadies and five thousand of their closest friends. This year, the roving event takes place on Saturday, Aug 29th near Rough Creek Ranch in Glen Rose, an hour outside of the band’s hometown of Fort Worth, Texas. It’s a beautiful spot in the country on a private lake situated on an 11,000 acre ranch. Reznicek says: “Last year’s Dia De Los Toadies event was probably the most fun gig of the year, in a year where we played LOTS of great shows (including Lollapalooza). The band and the fans all had an incredibly fun time, and I’m really looking forward to doing it again.”

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