Ryan Adams & Mandy Moore

Author: Janet


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Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore were married on March 10, 2009 in a tiny old brick church with stained-glass windows and a dozen wooden pews in Savannah, Georgia. No family or friends were present for Ryan Adams & Mandy Moorethe ceremony. The couple became engaged in February and have been together since Spring 2008.

Pastor Steve Schulte officiated the wedding at Whitefield Chapel at Bethesda Home for Boys on the outskirts of Savannah. The couple dress down for the ceremony.  Moore wore a cream colored lacy tea-length dress and flat sandals and Adams had on tight skinny jeans, a T-shirt with sport coat and sneakers.

A little after 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, a black town car pulled up to the church on the breathtakingly beautiful grounds with blooming azaleas, dogwood trees, giant old live oaks dripping with Spanish moss. Out stepped Moore and Adams. In the eight-minute ceremony, the couple held hands and faced each other as they exchanged silver rings purchased from a local jeweler. As the couple walked out of the church, Adams turned and took Moore’s face in both of his hands and gave her another kiss. They then walked to a little footbridge near the chapel where they hugged and kissed.

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