Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall

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Mick Jagger married Texan-born supermodel Jerry Hall on November 21, 2990 on a Bali beach.  They exchanged vows in a Hindu ceremony with Hall wearing a knee-length, off-the-shoulder wedding dress in white lace, by designer Antony Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall Wedding DayPrice.  The dress was reported to cost £300-£500.  But after a nearly 20-year courtship and nine years of marriage, Jagger had the marriage annulled in 1999 at the High Court in London on the grounds it was not valid under either English or Indonesian law.

Shortly before the annullment, Jagger’s affair with and the pregnancy of model Luciana Gimenez became known.  Hall reportedly knew all about Jagger’s rampant infidelity and continued their relationship despite it. According to one interview with Hall she reportedly said, “I’d come home and there’d be things from other girls lying around and then I’d started finding items next to the bed like earrings or a ring. It was obvious.”  She said that “she was ‘codependent’ on Mick — he was addicted to affairs and she was addicted to loving him

It was reported that Hall was awarded as much as £12.5 million in the “divorce” settlement.

In June 2008, Hall auctioned off dozens of items from her wardrobe, including her wedding dress, for the homeless charity, Emmaus.  Speaking about the sale, the Texan model said: “For me, this is a time of letting go, simplifying and getting my priorities right. I love it that my dresses can have a new lease of life in someone else’s wardrobe. I just thought, ‘This is a great way of recycling.’  “It’s really odd to think that some other woman might wear it at her wedding. I just hope whoever she is has more luck than I did.”

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