Emotional Rescue

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The Rolling Stones“Emotional Rescue” is a song by the English rock ‘n roll band, The Rolling Stones. It was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and is featured on their 1980 album Emotional Rescue.

Recorded between June and October of 1979, “Emotional Rescue” is a disco-influenced number, somewhat similar to the band’s 1978 hit “Miss You”. The song is notable as one of the earliest songs by the group to show the growing rift between main songwriters Jagger and Richards. Although Richards plays guitar and added backing vocals towards the end of this track, he is noted to not have liked the direction in which Jagger was trying to take the band with disco-like compositions, although this may have been exaggerated by the press and Richards’ hard-rock-oriented image. The song is based around a bass line played by Ronnie Wood. Also notable is Jagger’s singing of the song in a falsetto, popular on many disco-era songs. Bassist Bill Wyman plays synthesizer on the record, while Jagger and Ian Stewart play electric piano.

Released as the album’s lead on June 20, 1980, “Emotional Rescue” was well-received by some fans. Other fans of the Rolling Stones’ work took note of the change in direction and were disappointed by it. Reaching number nine on the UK Singles Chart and number three in the U.S., “Emotional Rescue” became popular enough to feature on all of the band’s later compilation albums.

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