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“Winter” was the second song to be released as a single, in 1992, from Tori Amos‘ debut solo album, Little Earthquakes. The song also appears on Amos’ 2003 compilation, Tales of a Librarian. The music video can be seen on the two Tori Amoscurrently available video collections – Tori Amos: Complete Videos 1991-1998 and Fade to Red. The song was written about Amos’s relationship with her father, who is a minister.

The single was released globally in a variety of formats with slightly differing artwork and track listings. Ironically the most commonly available version is the United States release, which is labeled as a “Limited Edition” release. That version comes in a digipack case with a compartment in which a “handwritten lyrics” insert is contained. The far more rare U.K. Limited Edition release duplicates the b-sides of the Crucify E.P. which was released in the U.S.A. (It is essentially the four tracks that appear on that release besides the title track.)

According to pro wrestler and author Mick Foley, this may be the most beautiful song he’s ever heard. Despite this characterization, he also says that some of his most violent matches have come about as a result of listening to this song beforehand. He says the song helps him to visualize the carnage he wants to create within the match. He also recognizes the irony in such a beautiful piece of music inspiring him to higher levels of mayhem. – adapted from Wikipedia

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