She Works Hard for the Money

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“She Works Hard for the Money” is a 1983 single issued by singer Donna Summer on the Mercury label. Released during a contract dispute with Geffen over creative control, Summer agreed to release her next album on a different label. The song, co-written by the singer, told a story of a woman who “works hard for (her) money”. Built on a rock-dance fusion, the song became a smash hit for Summer and one of the singer’s signature songs reaching number one on the R&B charts and number three on Billboard’s Pop Singles chart. The song’s music video debuted on MTV and became the first video by an African-American female artist to be shown regularly on the channel in the middle of Michael Jackson‘s breakthrough. The version found on the 7″ single was edited from the 5 minute plus version on the album. An extended 6 minute plus version was released on 12″ Single format backed with an instrumental version of the track. The single went onto sell over 5 million copies worldwide.

Cover versions and appearances in other media

* During the Disneyland ’30th Anniversary Special’ aired in 1985, Summer sang this song but with Snow White and Cinderella taking the place of the working women of the video.

* During the mid-90s, this song was featured prominently in a campaign by Canadian department store Zellers.

* In 2006 this single was featured on the first episode of the popular ABC series Ugly Betty.

* The song was sung by Jordin Sparks on The Top Three Round of American Idol (season 6) in 2007.
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