Manic Monday

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“Manic Monday” (1986) was the first hit single from the American all-female band, The Bangles. It was written by Prince in 1984 and recorded as a duet for the Apollonia 6 album, but the song was eventually pulled. Two years later, as he was attempting to “court” lead singer Susanna Hoffs, Prince (under pseudonym Christopher) offered the song to The Bangles, who recorded their version. The song reached #2 in both the UK and US record charts, coincidentally behind Prince’s own song “Kiss”, which reached #1 in the US.

The lyrics tell of someone waking from a romantic dream at 6 o’clock on Monday morning, and facing a hectic journey to work when she would prefer to still be enjoying relaxing on Sunday—her “I-don’t-have-to-run day”. Actor Rudolph Valentino is referred to in some of the lyrics in the song.

The verse melody strongly resembles the verse melody of Prince’s hit “1999″, and The Bangles‘ rendition features their familiar female harmonies and jangly guitars and has been described as less funky, but rockier and more accessible than Prince’s live version.

Remixes by the Bangles include an “Extended Version” with an additional acoustic guitar interlude, and a “California Extended Version” where the acoustic interlude also forms the intro to the song.

Track listing
A “Manic Monday” 3:03
B “In a Different Light” 2:50

* “Manic Monday” was covered by Relient K on the compilation CD Punk Goes 80s.

* “Manic Monday” was covered by Missile Innovation on their self titled mini-album .

* “Manic Monday” was used by Dean Gray in a mash up of Green Day’s song “Whatsername”.

* In 2005, a new singer, Krystan Anderson, resung ‘Manic Monday’ but added a kid friendly flavor to it. It was entitled “Manic Fish Day”. Krystan Anderson was backed up by the Portage Park District Children’s Choir. The song was a mild hit on Chicago radios in the summer of 2005. It peaked at number 52.

* Manic Monday is also sung by Bonnie Pink on her 2005 cover album Reminiscence.

* On every Monday Maryland WJZ 13 news at 6:15 AM a group of people sing Manic Monday and sometime in November the news team has a Mammoth Manic Monday Meltdown to award the winner of the best performance of Manic Monday.

- adapted from Wikipedia

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