The Man with the Golden Gun

Author: Janet


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The theme tune to “The Man with the Golden Gun”, released in 1974, was performed by Scottish singer Lulu, and composed by John Barry. The lyrics to the song were written by Don Black. Rock star Alice Cooper claims his song “The Man with the Golden Gun” was to be used by the producers of the film until it was dropped for Lulu’s song instead. Cooper’s song appears on his album Muscle of Love.

The theme tune and score are generally considered by critics to be among the weakest of Barry’s contributions to the series – an opinion shared by Barry himself “It’s the one I hate most… it just never happened for me.”

The film was also the first to drop the distinctive plucked guitar from the Bond theme heard over the Gun Barrel sequence – in all subsequent John Barry Bond scores, this theme would be heard on strings and trumpet.

A sample from one scene in the film was taken and used by The Prodigy in the “Mindfields” track on the album The Fat of the Land.

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