Steven Tyler & Teresa Barrick

Author: Janet


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Steven Tyler and Teresa Barrick were married in Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 28, 1988.  Teresa was a clothing designer and met Tyler in a recording studio in 1982.  In Aerosmith’s authorized biography, “Walk This Way,” Tyler’s recollection of the first meeting may have been an omen:

“Her twin sister Lisa was friends with this guy. … who was a professional dealer. He ended up handcuffed and dead with his veins full of battery acid. … I always had a thing for twins. I started paying a lot of attention to Teresa. My god! I offered her my drugs. Teresa goes very deep with me.”

Tyler and Barrick had two children: a daughter, Chelsea Tallarico, born March 6, 1989; and a son, Taj Monroe Tallarico born January 30, 1992

In February 2005, the couple announced that they were separating due to personal problems. In January 2006 the divorce was official. Tyler is currently dating Erin Brady.

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