Fleet Foxes

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Seattle’s Fleet Foxes are lead by vocalist/guitarist Robin Pecknold, who fashioned his band’s earthy, harmony-rich sound in honor of such perennial ’60s artists as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, the Zombies, and the Beach Boys.

Mixing baroque pop with elements of classic rock and British folk, the band took shape in 2006 as Pecknold was joined by guitarist Skyler Skjelset, bassist Bryn Lumsden, drummer Nicholas Peterson, and keyboardist Casey Wescott.

After playing only a handful of shows, the band generated a heathly amount of label interest and caught the attention of local producer Phil Ek, who had previously helmed records by Built to Spill and the Shins. Ek worked with the band on their Sun Giant EP, which was issued by Sub Pop Records in spring 2008. The band’s introductory full-length, Ragged Wood, followed that summer. – Kenyon Hopkin & Andrew Leahey

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