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Mixing powerful guitar riffs and harmonious lyricism, Austin, TX’s Underdriven sends a loud message with the local release of their self-titled debut album. Drawing upon influences ranging from classic rock to contemporary pop, the band finds its niche somewhere in between and creates a sound that captures the best from each genre.

Originally created in 2005 by Brian Meyerdirk (guitar/vocals) with contributions from several musician friends, Underdriven found unity around Meyerdirk’s songs. As the group has grown and matured, it has shuffled through members in search of the perfect mix. Along with Meyerdirk, Thomas Hartman (bass/back-up vocals) has helped form the foundation, and the two trace their musical ties back to age 15 when they first jammed together. Lead guitarist Joey Michalski proved to be a perfect fit after being discovered through a classified ad, and drummer Eric Schuman later joined to round out Underdriven.

Along with such bands as The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Queen, and Tears for Fears, Underdriven draws upon real life experiences for inspiration. Relationships, friendships, and life events, along with imagination, are all up for discussion and make each song unique and genuine. While Meyerdirk continues to write the majority of the songs, the group collaborated to write “Again,” the album’s opening track.

Perhaps the most refreshing thing about Underdriven is the group’s outlook on music and life in general. Described by Meyerdirk as a “dorky, fun-loving group of guys that try to rock as hard as (they) can,” this band is in it for all the right reasons. Unlike some musicians who see fame and fortune as the only legitimate reason to keep on plugging, Underdriven finds the greatest satisfaction in performing for their fans. “As long as I’m doing what I love and making enough to support it, than I consider that a success,” says Meyerdirk.

With the album complete, the group has focused all it attention towards booking and is looking forward to a big year in 2008.

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