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The Texas quintet Blue October came together in the late ’90s with vocalist/guitarist Justin Furstenfeld, drummer Jeremy Furstenfeld, violinist Ryan Delahoussaye, bassist Matt Noveskey, and lead guitarist Brant Coulter. In 1998, Blue October independently released their debut album, The Answers. The band’s catchy modern alternative rock led to 5,000 copies sold in their native Houston alone. Two years later, Blue October made their major-label debut on Universal with Consent to Treatment.

By the time Blue October had prepped for their third album, 2003′s History for Sale, guitarist Coulter had left the group and CB Hudson (guitar/vocals) had been added. They had also left Universal for Brando Records. Their first single, “Calling You,” was a moderate hit in and around the suburbs of Dallas thanks to its inclusion on the American Wedding soundtrack. Such momentum impressed Universal, thus encouraging Blue October to re-sign with the label once more. The live CD/DVD package Argue with a Tree was released in February 2005, following 18 months of touring. Noveskey briefly left the band, but returned in time to record Blue October’s first studio album in three years, Foiled, which was issued in April 2006. Before the band went on tour with Yellowcard in September 2007, Universal Motown Records released Foiled for the Last Time, a two-disc set consisting of a full version of Foiled along with 14 newly recorded songs performed live and several alternative remixes. -  MacKenzie Wilson

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