The Calling

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Hailing from Los Angeles, California, the rock quintet the Calling (Alex Band [vocals], Aaron Kamin and Sean Woolstenhulme [guitars], Billy Mohler [bass], and Nate Wood [drums]) fit in well with such ready-for-radio rock acts of the early 21st century such as Matchbox Twenty, Train, and The Wallflowers.

Kamin and Band began the group after the pair became friends as teenagers (Kamin was dating Band’s sister at the time), which lead to them being signed to a development deal with RCA. Instrumental role players were recruited, and an album was recorded.

Issued in July 2001, Camino Palmero became a hit on the strength of its single, the inescapable Hot AC chart topper “Wherever You Will Go”. Band and Kamin returned in June ’04 with Two. – Greg Prato

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