James Taylor and Caroline Smedvig

Author: Janet


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James Taylor and Caroline (Kim) Smedvig were married on February 19, 2001. Smedvig, an executive with the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO), met when Taylor was performing a symphonic show with the BSO.

The wedding took place in a Boston church before about 50 friends and family members. John Williams, the Hollywood film composer (Star Wars) and Boston Pops conductor laureate, gave Smedvig away. Taylor was 52 and Smedvig was 46 on their wedding day. Sir Andre Previn and Yo-Yo Ma performed at the wedding.

Taylor’s previous marriages were to singer Carly Simon (1972-82) and to actress Kathryn Walker (1982-96). It is Smedvig’s second marriage.

Carolyn Smedvig, Henry and RufusTaylor and Smedvig became parents via a surrogate mother, of twin sons in April 2001. The twins names are Rufus and Henry. The photo was taken during James Taylor’s appearance on Oprah, April 10, 2009.

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