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Scott Miller is a rock and roll singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He grew up on a farm in Swoope, Virginia. After graduating from William and Mary, he moved to Knoxville, Tennessee in 1990. In 1994, he helped form a band called the Viceroys, which ultimately morphed into the V-Roys to avoid confusion with existing groups. The V-Roys were the first act signed on Steve Earle’s E-Squared label. After the V-Roys split up in 1999, Miller formed a new band, Scott Miller and the Commonwealth, who are the house band on Blue Collar TV. One of Miller’s trademark routines is to continually ask his crowd “Are you with me?” or “Are you still with me?” during the show.

Although he briefly formed a band in college, Scott spent a lot of his early career playing acoustic solo performances. After arriving in Knoxville, he landed a standing Thursday night gig (among others) at Hawkeye’s, a then-popular bar and restaurant on the University of Tennessee “strip” (Cumberland Avenue). At Hawkeye’s, Scott built a dedicated cult-like following with his friendly and light-hearted stage presence. Miller wrote and performed sing-alongs about drinking, beer, funny neighbors, sororities, and — his favorite topic to lampoon — himself.

Miller’s songs reflect his degrees in American History and Russian Studies. His lyrics include in-depth and specific references to his home, family, history, geography, writers and any part of Appalachia. In 2005 he released a song about Sam Houston (referring to Sam Houston as “SaHo”). In a song about World War II, “Red Ball Express” from Upside Downside, Miller refers to details such as the convoy of trucks called carrying Jerry Cans instead of cans provided by the Allies. Miller describes common problems such as pressure and the transmission with the 21/2 ton truck (which Miller correctly refers to in the song as the ‘Deuce and a Half’).

When playing intimate settings he invites guests to yell and scream whatever they please at him. His fans often meet for dinner and drinks around shows, as well as trade artist-approved recordings via the Artist and Band’s official Message Board at Miller’s official website.


* Are You With Me? (2000)
* Thus Always to Tyrants (2001)
* Upside Downside (2003)
* Citation (2006)
* Reconstruction (2007)

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