Summer of ’69

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“Summer of ’69″ is a song by Canadian rock singer Bryan Adams from 1984, which has grown to be one of his biggest hits and most recognizable songs.

The song was written by Adams and Jim Vallance, and released on his album Reckless in 1984. Immediately after the single release in 1985, the song became a hit in the US, reaching #5 on the Billboard Top 100 and remaining there for two weeks. As Adams’ popularity grew in the 1990s and 2000s, the song has had a resurgence and has subsequently become a hit all over the world.

“Summer of ’69″ was voted the #1 song to drive to in Canada in 2006, some 22 years after its release.

The song has been conventionally interpreted as a nostalgic, somewhat melancholy recollection of an erstwhile era during which the singer was among a group of optimistic adolescents.

The line “Jimmy quit, Jody got married” refers to two actual people. “Jimmy” is Jim Wesley, Adams’ drummer in his early days (1979–1983) who quit the band because he and Bryan did not get along; he went on to sell carpeting as a means to earn money he wasn’t making as a musician. As of 2008, Jody Perpick still worked for Adams as his tour manager and sound engineer.

Bryan Adams (co-writer): rhythm guitar, vocals
Keith Scott: lead guitar
Dave Taylor: bass
Pat Steward: drums
Jim Vallance (co-writer): percussion


* MxPx (from “On the Cover”), Tooth & Nail Records, 1995.
* Bowling for Soup (from “Let’s Do It for Johnny!”), Jive Records, 2000.
* Starsound Orchestra (from “Plays the Hits Made Famous by BA”) Delta Records, 2001.
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* Travis Matte and The Zydeco Kingpins (from “Zydeco Train”), Mhat Productions, 2005.
* Less than Jake (from “Wood Panel Racer Wagon with Mags”), Very Small Records, 1996.
* Tenacious D performed a cover of the song on their 2002 tour.
* Ryan Adams performed a cover of the song when he played at The Emmore Theatre, 2005.
* Shayne Ward covered this song during an episode of X-factor.
* The song was covered by the punk rock band NOFX.
* The Top 6 guys sang this song in their tribute to Bryan Adams at the American Idol (season 7) grand finale.
* The song was covered by rock band Green Day. – adapted from Wikipedia

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