Eric Clapton and Melia McEnery

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On New Year’s day 2002, Eric Clapton quietly married Melia McEnery at St. Mary Magdalen Church in the town of Ripley in Surrey, England. Melia McEnery, who at the time of the wedding was 25-years-old and had a daughter with Clapton, Julie Rose born in 2001.

Clapton and McEnery had invited friends and family members to the christenings of Julie Rose (6 months) and Ruth (16-years-old) who is Clapton’s daughter from a previous relationship. After the christening ceremony, Clapton and McEnery were called up by the Reverend Christopher Elson to exchange wedding vows which was a total surprise to the guests.

This is Clapton’s second marriage, his first was with Patti Boyd, George Harrison‘s ex-wife.

Ruth’s mother is Yvonne Kelly who Clapton had a relationship with in 1983. Clapton didn’t meet his daughter until she was 7-years-old.

His only other child, Conor, died in an accidental fall from a New York City apartment window in 1990 and is buried in a cemetery attached to St. Mary Magdalen Church.

Clapton and McEnery now have three daughters together, Julie Rose (June 13, 2001), Ella May (January 14, 2003), and Sophie Belle (February 1, 2005). The song “Three Little Girls,” was written about his contentment with his home life.  It is featured on his 2006 album “The Road to Escondido.”


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    this song makes me cousin jacob mead cry :’( awwwwwww.

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