Dishwater Blonde

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Some rock and a whole lot of funk. That’s Dishwater Blonde’s music. Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, the band plays local venues on a regular basis. When you see them live, you will move. Just look around — heads are bobbing, feet are tapping, hands are clapping, and butts are swaying. And included with all the rock n’ funk are spiritually-conscious lyrics. It’s really quite uplifting, I say!

According to the band’s bios on their website, Davis Mitchell the funkmeister frontman, was living in New York, addicted to drugs and alcohol, and homeless. Best friend Robby Mathis, bass guitarist, bought him a bus ticket to Knoxville and asked that he enter a treatment program at Knox Area Rescue Ministries. Davis took the ticket and in his words “ever since then my life has been completely different for the better.” He became a Christian while there and it is clearly evident in his performances.

In 2007, Dishwater Blonde was voted Best of the Best, Best Band, and Best Rock Band by readers of Metro Pulse, Knoxville’s independent newspaper. According to Mike Gibson, writer for Metro Pulse, “Dishwater Blonde frontman Davis Mitchell is the flat-out funkiest white boy in the history of Knoxville’s music scene. Taking the stage in suits that would shame the most sartorially sensitive soulmeisters of any generation, Mitchell captivates an audience with sweet falsetto funk and neo-Hendrixian guitar like no one you’ve heard since the last time the Purple One himself took over Thompson-Boling Arena. But Mitchell isn’t the only reason why Dishwater Blonde is Knoxville’s best. There’s also co-vocalist Nakia, she of the herculean pipes, and freaky-fro’ed stunt guitarist Cozmo Hollaway… and oh, the songs. Unlike so many groove-oriented outfits, Dishwater Blonde put its own impeccable grooves in the service of great tunes, riffs and melodies that stick in your head long after the booty-shaking ends. In our hearts, at least, Dishwater Blonde is platinum.”

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