Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger

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Born October 21, 1971

Parents – Mick Jagger and Bianca

- Jade is an English model, jewelry designer and socialite. She is the only child resulting from the marriage of Mick Jagger and Bianca Jagger. Jade is of English-Nicaraguan ancestry.

Jade was born in Belvedere Nursing Home in Paris, France but spent her early years living with her parents on London’s fashionable Cheyne Walk. After her parents’ divorce in 1980, Jagger spent most of her time living in Manhattan with her jet-set mother and was often dropped off at the Factory to be babysat by Bianca’s friend, pop artist Andy Warhol. Jagger attended the Spence School in Manhattan for a few years before being shipped off at age 14 to the all-girls boarding school St. Mary’s, in Calne, England.

When she was 16, Jagger was expelled from St Mary’s when she sneaked out of school to meet her boyfriend at the time, Josh Astor.

From 1996 to 2006, she was Creative Director and jewelry designer with the high-end English jewelry firm Garrard.

In 2001, she appeared as herself in the film, Being Mick.

Currently she is promoting her lifestyle venture concept JEZEBEL, which fuses music, clothing, and lifestyle through original recordings, remixes, unplugged sessions, and fashion.

Jade is also employed by YOO Group, the vehicle of developer John Hitchcox for fashionable high-end residential projects. She is the creative director for YOO Group’s “Jade Jagger for YOO” division. YOO’s $90M condo tower in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan is named “The Jade”, and features interior designs by “Jade Jagger for YOO”.

A few years later, while preparing for her A-Levels at Cambridge Centre for Sixth-form Studies, she began a relationship with fellow student Piers Jackson. She and Piers did not marry, but had two daughters together, Assisi Lola Jackson (born 2 July 1992) and Amba Isis Jackson (born 1996). Their relationship lasted about eight years. Since then, Jade has been romantically linked to entrepreneur Ben Elliot, Canadian artist Euan McDonald, Dan Macmillan, and rapper Pharrell Williams. She now lives with her two daughters and current boyfriend Dan Williams in London and on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. Jade is the half-sister of Karis Jagger (born 1970), Elizabeth Jagger (born 1984), James Jagger (born 1985), Georgia Jagger (born 1992), Gabriel Jagger (born 1997), and Lucas Morad-Jagger (born 1999). – adapted from Wikipedia

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