Michael Hutchence

Posted by Janet | March 12, 2008

Michael HutchenceJanuary 22, 1960 – November 22, 1997

Hutchence, original lead singer for INXS, died of suicide (possibly accidental) at age 37.

The new INXS album, Elegantly Wasted, was released in April 1997. Hutchence and INXS went on a world tour. The final leg of the tour was to be in Australia in November and December. However, on the morning of November 22, 1997, Hutchence, aged 37, was found dead in his room at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Double Bay, Sydney (now the Stamford Plaza). A belt found at the scene suggested that he had died by hanging.

The Coroner of New South Wales determined that Hutchence’s death was the result of suicide but analysis of the witness statements in the Coroner’s report, the lack of a suicide note and other anecdotal evidence, such as the fact that Hutchence was found nude has led some – including some of Hutchence’s closest relatives, including his brother – to suggest that the cause of death may have resulted from autoerotic asphyxiation (strangling himself during a sex act).

Kym Wilson and her then boyfriend Andrew Reyment were the last people to see Michael alive. Kym later became known as the “Suicide Blonde”, after one of INXS’ hits, which was originally written for Kylie Minogue.

Michael Hutchence’s coffin was carried out of St. Andrews Cathedral by members of the band and his younger brother Rhett. “Never Tear Us Apart” was played in the background. The song is now known to many original fans as his anthem. – adapted from Wikipedia

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