The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers' music has roots in traditional folk and bluegrass, but also captures the high spirits and no-boundaries attitude of rock & roll -- which is appropriate, since rock is where Scott Avett and Seth Avett first cut their teeth as musicians. Although siblings Scott ... more »

Karis Jagger

Born November 4, 1970 Parents - Mick Jagger and Marsha Hunt - Karis is Mick Jagger's oldest child. She was born in England. After Karis's birth, Mick Jagger refused to pay child support and a settlement was made in 1979. Throughout Karis's ... more »

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Sammy Hagar & Kari Karte

Sammy Hagar and Kari Karte were married on November 29, 1995.  They have two daughters, Kama and Samatha.  Hagar also has two sons, Aaron and Andrews from a previous marriage to Betsy Berardi. Hagar ... more »

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