The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers' music has roots in traditional folk and bluegrass, but also captures the high spirits and no-boundaries attitude of rock & roll -- which is appropriate, since rock is where Scott Avett and Seth Avett first cut their teeth as musicians. Although siblings Scott ... more »

Sally Taylor

Sally Taylor was born Sarah Maria Taylor on January 7, 1974 to James Taylor and Carly Simon. Taylor is a singer-songwriter whose mellow work is noted for witty vocals and strong writing. She and her three-piece band sprung ... more »

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Jimmy Page and Jimena Gomez-Paratcha

Jimmy Page and Jimena Gomez-Paratcha were married in the late 1990's and have been together since around 1994 when she was 17. They have two biological children named Zofia Jade (born June 1997) and Ashen Josan (born January 1999). Jimena has a daughter Jana (born 1995) ... more »

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